Welcome To Wagon Works!

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Welcome to Wagon Works. Over the past forty plus years we have been able to maintain effective and efficient approaches to auto repair and maintenance using the ever evolving technology of the industry. Open communication and correct interpretation of customer concerns is the foundation of our business.

Because we put an emphasis on the customer’s ability to communicate directly with the technician servicing the vehicle, we are individually accountable and maintain close working relationships with our customers, most often for many years. For a specific concern or possible repair, we first assess the problem and differentiate between necessary repairs if any, and those which are merely an annoyance or cosmetic. In short, depending on finances and the urgency of the repair, there may be various expenditure options after safety and driveability have been addressed.

What We Do

  • Provide auto repair and service–including new car warranty service–on Asian, Volkswagen, and Volvo vehicles. The most popular being Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen Jetta and Golf, Mazda and Hyundai.
  • We do thorough pre-purchase and pre-sale checks and assessments with a basic cost of $95.
  • We check CEL’s, (check engine light) or stored engine codes, usually at no charge and while you wait. Some codes do not require immediate attention so then a repair plan can be discussed.
  • We do have a very competitive hourly rate (currently $95/hr) – Volkswagon & Volvo currently $110/hr) which we have been able to maintain through close attention to overhead and customer satisfaction.
  • Military Veterans receive a 10% discount each visit (be sure to remind us). Limit one discount per customer, per visit.

What We Do Not Do

  • We have never and will not sell repairs for the sole purpose of generating income.
  • We do not offer coupons or gimmicks such as 21, 32, or 60 point checks. Any and all necessary checks are done at the appropriate service intervals.
  • We do not send out fliers or specials or coupons. Our prices are competitive and fair, and those bring our customers back.
  • We do not sell¬†unnecessary flushes or fluid changes. Those also are done at the appropriate mileage intervals if needed.
  • We do not offer shuttle service because the cost must be spread to all customers.